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share_tunes's Journal

Sharing Tunes between Friends
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This community is created so that users can share their music with others. There are many bands that I love that people don't know about and I know there are bands that I would love if only I knew about them so I hope to discover those here.


1) You must join to see or post entries.
2) Joining is moderated, but I'm on every day and I'm not too incredibly picky so odds are you'll be accepted within the day.
3) Please comment on the post that you're downloading from. I'd like to know how many people are taking what we're putting up and what they thought of the music.
4) You can make requests, post music, or just talk about your favorite band, but please be courteous to each other (obviously).
5) If you do post music to download, try to remember to tag the entry with the band/artist name. It'll make it easier if we look back through.
6) When you post a link, change the link from http://blahblahImalink.com to hxxp://blahblahsoforth (or anything of that variant). This is so sites like Sendspace or You Send It won't be able to track the links, and we'll feel clever for being so sneakysneaky.

Looking for something specific? Check the tags first :)